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Research Papers

Here are the research papers that we have published. Research papers are something we prepare to support our advocacy positions.

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International Student Tuition Equity

We have conducted research on the inequalities with International Student Tuition. In our research we looked at the history of the tuition and what has led us here to today. Some things have to do with funding from the government to colleges sliding from publicly funded to publicly asissted. 

Image by Markus Spiske

International Student Recruitment Regulations

We are asking for Colleges Ontario and the Provincial Government to set regulations around the recruitment of International Students. Our International Students are sometimes recruited in unethical ways. Some examples being agents that convince students to take programs that they did not intend to as well as false promises being given by the agents. 

Image by Giorgio Tomassetti

OSAP Interest Rates

We are asking the provincial government to freeze interest rates on OSAP loans. Students are struggling financially right now as they are being hit with high inflation and rising costs. 

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