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Ontario Student Voices shares thoughts regarding the recent announcement by Immigration Minister, Marc Miller

January 23, 2024 – Ontario, Canada

In response to Immigration Minister Marc Miller's recent announcement, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is implementing a national cap to reduce international student intake by 35% over the next two years. This announcement coincides with modifications to the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program, rendering students studying at institutions following a public-private institution model ineligible for a postgraduate work permit.

While we praise ongoing efforts to ensure accountability of institutions and preserve the quality of education, Ontario Student Voices (OSV) expresses concerns about the potential impact on students, including those attending public college-private partnership institutions.

Acknowledging the national nature of the 35% cap, the announcement notes that each province will experience limitations proportionate to its population, potentially resulting in larger caps depending on the province. As a provincial advocacy organization representing students' voices in Colleges and Polytechnics in Ontario, OSV will actively monitor these incoming limits to spread awareness of their impact within our province.

The OSV shares concerns about how changes to the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program may be misunderstood by prospective international students, who may enroll in institutions following the impacted model, unaware of the ineligibility to receive a work permit post-graduation following these changes. OSV urges impacted institutions to communicate these changes transparently to prospective international students to ensure understanding.

While we continue to monitor these changes, OSV is committed to working with and supporting federal advocacy organizations regarding the student experience and access to education for international students.

About the Ontario Student Voices

Ontario Student Voices is a non-profit provincial student advocacy group representing students across Ontario. Our mission is to be the voice for College and Polytechnic students across Ontario, bringing awareness to the issues that impact them. Through collaborative advocacy efforts, we work with various stakeholders to create a better Ontario for the next generation of students.


Jason Seguya

Executive Director for the Ontario Student Voices


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