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Membership Perks


A place for students to connect

Ontario Student Voices will allow you to connect with other student leaders to share best practices. It will also allow you to be able to network and connect with other student leaders on issues you may be facing.


Access to conferences



Our Research and Policy analyst will create policy position papers and other relevant documents to support our advocacy asks. They will also be able to provide you with research driven ways that you can have effective advocacy at an institutional level. By joining the Ontario Student Voices you get to have more political power at a Provincial Level as your students will be among the 90,000 students that we represent.

We look forward to connecting with student leaders during conferences hosted in collaboration with a host Student Association to share best practices. You get to decide who and how many you will send. Each member that sits on the board gets access to Good Governance training.


Student Driven

You will get the opportunity to help run the organization. Ontario Student Voices is run by students, for students. You can lead the organization by sitting on the board and or by joining a committee


Effective Advocacy

You get to have a say in what we advocate for. Every year the members will get to choose five advocacy priorities that we will focus on. These five priorities are what we will be actively advocating for. This will include having representation at Queen's Park regularly, members meeting with MPP's and so much more! 

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