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OSV hosts several conferences each year, to engage our membership and drive our advocacy initiatives for the year. Student associations who are not members of OSV are welcome to send representatives to OSV's conferences as an observer provided they apply, are approved for a observer status and pay the conference registration fee. 

Advocacy Unveiled, Annual General Meeting & Gala

This is OSV's first event of the year. We host our membership organizations, observers and key stakeholders to provide an update on our previous year's activities, advocacy wins, strategy for the future and to start planning for our advocacy priorities. The event ends with a Gala where we present our annual awards, our advocacy scholarship and connect with all our members and stakeholders who have supported us. 


Board Retreat

At our Board Retreat our Board of Directors and operational staff engage in crucial discussions, foster meaningful connections, and collectively shape the future of our organization. The retreat serves as a training period on OSV's history, operations and plans for the year. 


Policy Conference

At Poli-Con, OSV memberships reviews research provided by its operations team on its Advocacy Priorities and starts to deliberate on policy positions the organization can take to influence change. It is also an opportunity to network with student leaders across Ontario, engage in training sessions and connect with MPP's to discuss the issues students across Ontario are facing. 

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Advocacy Week at Queens Park

OSV's student leaders travel to Toronto to attend several days of training and preparation on its advocacy priorities, policy positions and preparing for meeting with Government officials. This conference takes place in Toronto during the month of November. Our members attend meetings with MPP's across several days to raise awareness and understanding of the issues students across Ontario are facing. Advocacy week serves as an opportunity for us to influence legislators, government officials, media representatives, and stakeholders involved in decision-making.  Additionally, it serves as an outstanding opportunity for networking. 

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