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OSV Responds to Blue Ribbon Panel Announcement

On Thursday, March 2nd, 2023, the Ontario Provincial Government announced the creation of a Blue-Ribbon Panel. One of the mandates of this panel is to focus on “providing the best student experience possible”.

The Ontario Student Voices (OSV) Board of Directors support this exciting development and has reached out to the Panel Chair, Dr. Alan Harrison, through their media contact, to offer congratulations on the Doctors appointment to Chair as well as share excitement for the panel's work. Additionally, the OSV board offered support to the panel by providing the students' perspective, as the panel investigates opportunities to improve the post secondary experience and the financial stability of the sector.

Sam Jemison, OSV Board Chair, shares that:

“Upon learning about the Blue-Ribbon Panels makeup and mandate, I was thrilled to not only see such distinguished and dedicated individuals coming together to help safeguard the foundation of Ontario’s post-secondary sector, but was further delighted to see a clearly defined focus on ensuring a positive student experience along the way. The recommendations this panel provides to Minister Jill Dunlop will surely aid in the security of the Ontario Post-Secondary sector, and will further define a generation of students empowered to reach for success, and further contribute their successes back into our communities.”

Ontario Student Voices, a newly formed provincial advocacy organisation which represents over 85,000 College students in Ontario, focuses on partnerships and collaboration to improve the student experience in the sector. OSV embraces the opportunity to provide student perspective and engage in future collaboration efforts.


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